The Alden Villa or Millwood is located 1012 Alden Way, in Historic Cornwall, PA, ½ Mile East of the intersection at Route 72 and 419.  Originally located on a 228-acre parcel, Anne Caroline Coleman Alden built Millwood as a wedding present for her son Robert Percy Alden and his wife Mary Ida Warren.  Although Anne Coleman Alden never lived in this building, she retained ownership of the property and buildings until her death in 1893, at which point it was left to Robert Percy Alden.  Anne Caroline Coleman Alden at the time was living at “Fort Hill” in Lloyd Neck Long Island, Nassau County, New York.  Near Cold Spring Harbor, this is one of the architectural showpieces for which the family is known.   “Fort Hill” was built and designed 1879 about the same time that “Millwood” was being developed.

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The commission to design the Alden Villa or “Millwood” entered the firm of McKim Mead & White, in October of 1880 and was completed by November of 1881. Designed by the offices of McKim, Mead and White, it was among the earliest commissions from the firm. Alden Villa is an excellent example Stanford Whites American Queen Anne shingle style, with Shavian influences.  By the open characteristics of its plan and the complex omposition of the half-timbered and shingle façade, with influences from having worked with H.H. Richardson, to the English Shavian Style of Richard Norman Shaw, and his travels in Europe, Numerous connections can be made to the architecture in which Stanford experienced during his trips abroad.

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